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AI-based Trading Bots


We have tested dozens of stocks to check the performance of our bots. We have received impressive results on the S&P500.


We also tested several commodities, including gold, silver, oil, corn etc. Our team has worked for several months analysing them.


We have also verified the predictability of cryptocurrencies (we identified too high volatility of them) and of fiat money.

Portfolio Design

With our cutting-edge AI-powered bots at Terrabot, PrimeQ offers a unique opportunity for institutions to enhance their investment portfolios. By partnering with us, clients can elevate their profits and effectively manage investment risks. Join us and unlock the potential for financial growth and improved investment management.


Recent performance analysis demonstrates the effectiveness of our approach, with strategies achieving an average annualized return for our portfolio of


coupled with a robust risk-adjusted return.

AI-driven TerraBots

PrimeQ emerges as a pioneer in AI-driven trading solutions, leveraging advanced machine learning models to predict market extremums.

The algorithms offered by TerraBot are equipped with historical data to assess potential profitability and risks. These algorithms undergo real simulation trading known as “backtesting,” utilizing historical market prices. The platform offers integration with selected cryptocurrency exchanges or brokers, expanding its customer base and achieving better business scalability.

A notable feature of TerraBot is the incorporation of AI within its algorithms. These algorithms include predictive models for market behaviour, as well as those efficiently identifying market trends and hidden trading patterns by analysing more than 300 different trading features, parameters and signals. While numerous possibilities exist, the platform is currently testing a few of these advanced features.

Examples of Results

Our results are much better and safer than relying on the market

Machine Learning StrategyMarket results (S&P500)
Profit and Loss8.97%4.8%
Max Drawdown2.79%6.72%
Selected results of live trading (162 days, up to Jan. 2, 2024)

Profit and Loss for closed positions (162 days, live trading)

Apple: Net Profit 6.9%, Drawdown 4.0%, Deposit Drawdown 0.5%

Paper trading results for AAPL, 2 months

BTC: Net Profit 10.15%, Drawdown 3.5%, Deposit Drawdown 0.8%

Paper trading results for BTC, 3 months


Piotr Majka

R&D Director

prof. Krzysztof Piech


Andrey Zupko

Let’s work together to improve your
financial results

Moving forward, we seek strategic partnerships to enhance our research and development capabilities, aiming to expand our strategy scope across various asset classes. This expansion is projected to generate an incremental return potential outperforming the market and manual trading, propelling both gains and overall portfolio performance.

We welcome the opportunity to explore collaborative avenues, demonstrating how a partnership with PrimeQ can optimize returns and elevate your fund’s competitiveness. For further insights or tailored information, your input is invaluable in shaping a partnership that aligns seamlessly with your goals.

We eagerly await your participation in shaping PrimeQ’s future. For further details and to explore this unparalleled opportunity, kindly contact us. Your involvement could mark the beginning of a mutually beneficial partnership.