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Krzysztof Piech

Professor at Lazarski University


Below we will share some of our technology details to prove, what we did and what we achieved so far. A conceptual framework and a model were built that take into account the following metrics: 1. Required length of historical… Read More »Metrics

2nd quarter of 2023

Q2 2023 key highlights:   PrimeQ’s Q2 milestones highlight innovation in machine learning, trading strategies, and analytical capabilities. Summary Business priorities Research priorities Team and cooperation

1st quarter of 2023

PrimeQ, a forward-thinking startup, has achieved significant milestones in the first quarter of this year, catering specifically to potential investment funds seeking innovative trading solutions. Key highlights include:   PrimeQ’s Q1 2023 accomplishments offer a reliable and innovative AI-driven trading… Read More »1st quarter of 2023