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4th quarter of 2023

As the final quarter of 2024 comes to a close, investors and analysts alike are reflecting on the performance of various trading bots that have been navigating the tumultuous financial landscape. Among the standouts, TerraBot, powered by the analytics platform, has shown remarkable resilience and profitability, as indicated by the latest data release.

  • Performance at a Glance
    • TerraBot’s performance for the fourth quarter of 2024 illustrates a robust trading strategy that has continued to yield positive returns for its users. With a high total profit from closed positions, the bot has managed to secure a total profit percentage of 3.67% for closed positions and 0.40% for open positions in 4th quarter, only.
    • The bot’s strategy, which appears to incorporate a blend of holding and active trading, particularly in the SPX market, has resulted in a 4.16% Buy & Hold PnL percentage. These figures underscore TerraBot’s effectiveness in outperforming standard buy-and-hold strategies, delivering a substantial potential annual profit rate of 15.15%.
  • Risk Management and Resilience
    • In a quarter marked by significant market fluctuations, TerraBot’s risk management protocols have limited drawdowns to a conservative 3.19%. The worst loss recorded was -1.64%, a testament to the bot’s algorithmic precision in mitigating potential downturns and protecting investor capital.
  • Volume and Transaction Analysis
    • Throughout the quarter, TerraBot has managed a total volume of $3,771,958 USD. The average profit per trade stood at 0.41%, with the daily profit average at 0.04%. The bot has also maintained a consistent trading tempo, as indicated by the steady cadence of profitable closed positions shown in the attached chart.
  • Technological and Algorithmic Excellence
    • A notable aspect of TerraBot’s Q4 success is attributed to the sophisticated technology behind its decision-making processes. With API keys’s commitment to security and advanced algorithmic trading is evident, enabling TerraBot to navigate complex market conditions with agility and intelligence.
  • Forward Outlook
    • As investors look ahead to 2025, the performance of trading bots like TerraBot will continue to be closely monitored. With a proven track record over the past year, TerraBot is poised to remain a significant player in the algorithmic trading domain, offering a compelling blend of risk-adjusted returns and advanced financial technology.

 bot's performance of the 4th quarter of 2023

Figure above: ML Pivot strategy results, live trading (4th quarter)

Note: The performance statistics and insights provided are based on the data from TerraBot’s Q4 2024 performance and have been interpreted to the best of our abilities from the provided image. For actual investment decisions, please consult a financial advisor and conduct thorough due diligence.