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3rd quarter of 2023

Q3 2023 key highlights:

  • Research Methods:
    • ML Pivot Strategy Live Trading: Successfully validated Q2 backtest results with live trading and optimized asset selection. Two portfolios of stocks and ETFs were actively traded.
    • VWAP and Cointegration Strategies: Optimized and implemented these strategies in real-time trading. ML regression was used for VWAP to reduce risk. Cointegration tests showed potential but require further research.
  • Focus on Traditional Assets in the Technology Sector: PrimeQ concentrated on traditional assets in the technology sector, focusing on performance-risk combinations in shares of four large tech companies. This sector yielded the best results among many industries studied.
  • Performance with ML: The Machine Learning strategy outperformed the benchmark S&P500. While the S&P500 dropped by 4.1%, PrimeQ’s portfolio grew by 5%, suggesting a potential annual profit of 25.6%. Average profit per trade was 0.88%, best win 2.55% (worst loss 4.4%),
  • Website Development: PrimeQ’s launched its website,, to showcase its features and performance to the public.
  • External Audit: The company commissioned an external audit encompassing technical security, regulatory compliance, and stress tests to ensure robustness.

These achievements underscore PrimeQ’s Q3 milestones in advancing machine learning, trading strategies, and analytical capabilities. The live trading results, with the main portfolio generating a PnL of 5%, while the benchmark S&P500 incurred a loss of -4%, highlight the effectiveness of PrimeQ’s ML strategies. The company is well-positioned for continued growth and innovation in the finance and trading industry.

 Machine Learning Pivot Strategy Results

Figure above: ML Pivot strategy results, live trading (83 days)


Business priorities

  • The project continues
  • All monthly and quarterly reports accepted by the VC
  • First talks with hedge funds from the EU and U.S.

Research priorities

  • VWAP and Cointegration strategies
  • Live trading on real-time data
  • Machine Learning Pivot strategy

Team and cooperation

  • Going beyond internal stakeholders
  • Talks with potential stakeholders
  • Talks with VCs and private investors

3rd Quarter Report

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